Transfers Going From Los Angeles Airport

Passengers connecting to a different flight from LAX should take into considerationthat connection between terminals take time and they should also allow some extra time foradditional security procedures.

The fastest way get between terminals is probably LAX shuttle which is frequent and assists passengers in getting between terminals for airline connections.There are shuttles for transporting travelers to and from Employee Parking lots.

The A route transports passengers between terminals and operates 24 hours a day, every day of a week and runs in every 10 minutes.

If a traveler is arriving on an international flight,it is advised to have three hours between connections, ifyou are arriving at terminal 1, 2, or 3, you will need to pass security again. Terminals 4-8 and TBIT are connected, andpassenger does not need to leave one of the terminalsto go to anotherso that there is no need for going through security again. Also, if you arrivedon an international flight and had checked luggage, you will need to pick it up and take them through customs again. The amount of time requiredto re-check the baggage differs and depends on the circumstances. You will need to go through customs andborder control if you arrive on an international flight.