Time Zone and Climate Type in California, the U.S.

Los Angeles is in Pacific Standard Time Zone – PST. UTC/GMT -8 hours.

The climate in LA is classified as a Mediterranean climate, which is characterized by rainy winters and dry summers.



Summers are almost completely dry from warm to hot temperatures. The summer regarding temperature patterns usually begins in late June or early July and lasts through September or October. In August the average High and Low at the Los Angeles International Airport LAX are 76,6 F (24,8 C) and 64,2 F (17,9 C). Sometimes the temperature in LA in Summer exceeds 90 F (32 C). The coldest areas in LA in the summer are areas around LAX airport, as they receive constant sea-breeze.


Winter in Los Angeles is characterized by mild cool to warm temperatures and rainfalls. The average high temperature at the Downtown/USC weather station in winter is 68 F (20 C) and low of 48 F (9 C). The temperature rarely drops below 40 F (4 C). The last severe cold occurred in December of 1990 when the temperature fell below zero in the most of LA.

There are dry and dusty days brought by Santa Anna Winds, caused by high-pressure systems over the deserts. Although it is cooler than in the summer, the winter is also characterized by sunny days.

Spring and Fall

Spring and Fall seasons are almost non-existent in the climate of Los Angeles, there are no significant changes in the temperature pattern and are not characterized by any particular seasonal changes. Rainfall occurs until the mid-spring.