Departures from Los Angeles Airport

If you are departing from LAX airport, you should keep in mind not only the long lines at the TSA security linebut traffic jams in LA that tend to be extremely long.

To save yourself some time be ready for the security screening. You will be asked to remove any belts, shoes, outwear. You will also have to remove personal electronic devices bigger than your mobile phone from a carry-on bag and put them in a bin foran X-ray screening.

You also will need to follow the 3-1-1 liquids rule, containers larger than 3,4 ounces have to be placedin the checked in bag.

Keep in mind that TSA might also inspect your checked-in luggage, andin that case,they will leave you a note in your luggageregarding the inspection.

Also, be ready for a pat-down screening- thisis tomake sure you are not carrying any prohibited items behind your clothes. Pat-down screening also includes sensitive areas such as breasts, groin, andbuttocks. To skip long lines, you might want to apply for TSA Pre, which is a pre-screening program offered by the TransportationSecurity Administration. You can applyfor it online; however, 10 minutes of the in-personmeeting will be arrangedafter the application has been received.

Because the wait lines differ, and you cannot predict it in advance, you can download My TSA Application that allows you to check the security wait times in real time. Then you can reviewthe map such as Google map to see the traffic and can decide on the time you need to leave to the airport at. Remember that it is advised to be at the airport 2 hours beforethe domesticflight and 3 hours prior the international flight; however, the My TSA Application will guide you better with the current situations about wait times.

There are ninedifferent terminals at the gate, so make sure to check the departure gate on the information screens at the airport, or online on a website of an airline to see where your flight is departing from. It is usually dependedon an airline you are flying with. The departure gate is a case sensitive at any airport so you might want to check it several times before departure.