Arrivals at Los Angeles Airport (LAX)

If you are arriving on an international flightinto the US, you should expect a more extensive screening process. Your electronic items and personal belongings willbe recheckedat the airport. You will also need to go through the passport control to be allowed in the country, where your immigration status is going to be confirmed and reviewed. There are designated signs at the airport for U.S. citizens and non-U.S. citizens that travelers should follow respectively. For avoiding lines, U.S. citizens and some of the Visa holders should consider using APC – Automated Passport Control machines. Those travelers will not need to fill in the Custom’s declaration form. Those traveler going through Passport Control should have their passports along with Custom’s declaration form ready to show it to the officer. Travelersmight be askedabout the purpose of their trip for security reasons. An officer might also take fingerprints and a picture of a traveler entering the United States. If you have anything to declare, informthe CPB officer.

After the security procedures, if you had a checked in luggage, proceed to the baggage claim area and make sure to check the tag, to avoid taking somebody else’s luggage by accident. Some of the travelersmay be selectedfor a secondary inspection of baggageby an officer.

The travelershould also keep in mind that even if you are not staying in Los Angeles and you are connecting to a different flight to a different state, they still need to claim the baggage and screen it again to board the next trip. Then they can follow the signs “Connecting Flights.”

If you are staying in Los Angeles, locate the local information desk at the main terminal to get information about ground transportation, hotels, and other services.

If someone is going to pick you up from the airport, they can park for free at the LAX Cell Phone Waiting Lot bordered by LAX Parking lot C.